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bringin' ya dat rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'soul, reggae'n'blues
and the grooves you can use

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There are some videos of old shows on youtube


concert at the Java 2005
concert at the Flèche d'Or 2004
concert at the Basse cour 2003
concert at the Scène 2003
concert at the Bataclan 2001


if you download the mp3s, let us know what you think

CD Goo Goo Cluster

2002-CDcover.jpg (15K)
with these songs:
The Goo Thing
Dr Motxo
Sucre interdit
Vide grenier
Cadillac Moon
Pas Pudlowski mp3 5.3m
(In Paris, France, You Can't Make) No Noise mp3 4.5m

2002-09-14-enreg-bb.jpg (6K)
the recording engineer


2003-12_ragga_couv-th.jpg (3K)

Reviews of the CD Goo Goo Cluster

Ragga magazine, December 2003
Rock&Folk, September 2003

earlier stuff

Paris Voice, May 2001
Guitares & Claviers, November 1999, first demo

Goo Goo 'toons

We're in the Lucie series of bande dessinée by our friends Catel & Grisseaux
lucie-ggc-small.jpg (13K)

past concerts - photos and flyers

la Flèche d'Or
  December 1, 2005, with the John Simms Acoustic Soul Band
  March 16, 2004, with Au Commencement: flyers, photos
  April 4, 2001: flyer 22k

  Nov. 18, 2005, with John Simms Acoustic Soul Band: photos, flyer jpg 27k
  May 20, 2005, with Marten Ingle's band: A4 poster 699k, flyer jpg 25k, flyer jpg 31k, flyer jpg 32k
  Nov. 12, 2004, with the Ongles noirs: flyer A4 PDF, 595k, A4 flyer jpg, 88K flyer jpg 315 x 450 px, 23k

Espace Blues
  April 21, 2005, with Ultrazeen: flyers jpg 22k jpg 109k 4x A4 PDF 64k
House of Live
  March 3, 2005 : jpg flyer 16k
  May 28, 2003: jpg flyer 45k
  November 19-30, 2002: html flyer 39k

la Balle au Bond
  February 3, 2004, with Ultrazeen: flyer jpg 25k
Basse Cour
  October 10, 2003: pix
Disney Village
  July 30, 2003: jpg flyer 11k
la Bande originale, Paris BD
  June 13, 2003: info
la Scène
  March 15, 2003, with Vegomatic: 4 html flyers
  January 17, 2003, with Gabriela Arnon: flyer html, photos & video
  June 24, 2002, with Audiofeet (AKA Ultrazeen): flyer 14K, flyer pdf 181k
  March 18, 2002, with Night Buzz (Charles Berbérian et Jean-Claude Denis): html flyer 20K

le Petit Ney
  November 16, 2002, with Lari Lucien: flyer 20k
Melting Pop Party at the Divan du Monde
  December 5, 2001, with Vegomatic & Petit Fousset: photos
le Bataclan
  April 18, 2001, opened for Fun Lovin' Criminals: photos, flyer pdf 914k
la Péniche Makara
  January 31, 2002: flyer 155k
  June 23, 2001: flyer and photo
  January 11, 2000: flyer 26k

Festival "En concert près de chez nous" in the Val d'Oise
Strike Club
  April 3, 2001: flyer 79k
la Pointe Lafayette
  déc. 2001: flyer 88k
la Clé des Champs (Plaisir)
la Brasserie de l'Arrivée
  May 15, 1999, end of Phase I: flyer 30k
Bateau Blues Café
le Horse's Mouth
le Wait & See
  1999 ? photo 33k
le Rock Avenue (Livry-Gargan)
le Cadran-Omnibus (Colombes)

fr.jpg (2K) François, frets
Stanker Design
pl.jpg (2K) Perry, big mouth
bb.jpg (2K)Balthazar, ivories
dp.jpg (2K) David, bottom
sr.jpg (2K) Sylvain, tubs
ta.jpg (2K) Thomas, frets

version française
Goo Goo downloads
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