goo goo cluster
la flèche d'or, 2004-03-16

photos © Cyril Perrin Salomon

bringin' ya dat rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'soul, reggae'n'blues
and the grooves you can use

2004-03-16-fdo-1-m (25K)
de g à d / l to r : françois, amy, arno, perry, thomas, balthazar
not seen / caché : david & sylvain

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2004-03-16-fdo-public1-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-1-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-2-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-as-pl-bb-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-cuivres-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-public2-th (9K)
2004-03-16-fdo-dp-1-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-bb-1-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ta1-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl-1-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-fb-1-th (7K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ag-1-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-as-1-th (7K)
2004-03-16-fdo-fb-2-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ag-2-th (7K) 2004-03-16-fdo-as-3-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-as-2-th (8K)
2004-03-16-fdo-bb-3-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-bb-2-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-dp-bb-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl-bb-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl-dp-bb-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-bb-4-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-bb-5-th (8K)
2004-03-16-fdo-dp-2-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ta2-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ta3-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ta4-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-ta-dp-th (8K)
2004-03-16-fdo-pl_melodica-1-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl_melodica-2-th (9K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl-2-th (8K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl-ta-th (7K) 2004-03-16-fdo-pl-3-th (8K)