the Goo Goo Cluster CD

reviewed in Rock&Folk, September 2003
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Goo Goo Cluster is a curiosity: This mini-big band of eight accomplished musicians (including three horns) romps freely through the playgrounds of reggae, rhythm'n'blues, funk and Chicago blues, exploring the byways of Black Music while not shying away from the influences of 50s rock.
Their principal assets are their audacity, their musical aptitude and their sense of groove. These allow them to make their own way through various musical worlds, and if the songs don't always succeed in avoiding sounding like successful exercices de style, the overall sound is coherent.
However, the two attempts at French-language songs are not as convincing as the seven English tunes.
Rock&Folk, September 2003

original in French

also in Ragga magazine

Goo Goo Cluster